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The sphere of the company activity covers the consulting services in the areas concerned a business support and an efficient business management:

As there are no the same snowflakes in the nature, as there are no the same businesses in economy. Any company is unique and original. Above all the company originality is determined with a style and a management technique. Since a business management technique is part and parcel of business information plenitude, our company float in the sphere of optimal information software, choosing for the vital customer needs. The great practical accounting setting experience as well as the wide that on formalization and target setting for the business software developers helps to the company scheming a technological chain of information system implementation in the best way.

The main advantage of our company is the system approach permeating the all of its activities. Our skills to analyze a problem, to find "the joint in the armour", to offer a way of the problem solving, and as the crucial point to receive the beneficial effect let us to win an authority of "the problem solver" on the heavy Moscow market of the consulting services.

The principal company activity is at the interfaces between the spheres: accounting, economy, law, management, and up-to-date information technologies.

The services rendered by experts of the company, as a rule, include complete enterprise diagnostics, setting of the accounting, corporate accounting standard development, and information system implementation. The last is carried out on the basis of the dataflow optimization, of the key financial figure analysis, of "feedback" introductions in circuits of the operative control and management. The enterprise business process reengineering (BPR) is carried out if need.

The key company activity is accounting setting of under the international standards (GAAP, IAS). The unique technology used by the company allows to keep the parallel accounts under both the Russian (RAS) and the international standards as well as to render the stated financial reports in the Russian tax inspectorate and in the foreign corporation head quarters.

The company experts have wide consultation experience in foreign corporation businesses. The comprehensive knowledge of the Russian market distinctive features and of the Russian changeable legislation allows the company to support their businesses in the Russian Federation on a high level. The fruitful co-operation with foreign companies in an economic-legal field has naturally expanded the company activity on an adjacent direction marketing consultation of the foreign corporations promoting the products under their brands on the Russian market. Unfortunately there is frequent the situation when the well working slogans on the English-speaking audience slip on the Russian that. The company provides support to the worldwide brand promotion in sphere of brand localization, especially in the area of the psychological aversion prevention of slogans, having negative semantic meaning because of calque translation into Russian.

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